i was looking back through my images on my flickr account and came across this old favorite of my little cousin:

i'm pretty sure she has two fingers up, trying to be all "throwin deuces to my haters, grab the pampers" (via classy mr. Slick-T) but the general angle of her hand and the angle of my camera made it look like not that.

on the other hand, maybe it's nothing less than what it appears to be. i flipped my grandma off around that age once, i thought i was cool. let's not go into her reaction and just say it never happened again.

my dog's face gives me the expression her finger is making all the time, particularly when i tell her to come here. it's her cue to lay in the grass, snort dirt (it's dog coke, she goes CRA), and throw a WTF look in my direction.