begining, again


sometimes i'm insecure about my inconsistency on my blog. looking through the posts over the last few years on this and my original blog, i see so many posts saying essentially "this is it!" "here i come!" and "big things ahead!" right before the feed has gone quiet and i'm MIA.

i wonder if people have noticed, and what they've thought about it if anything at all.

empty promises, disregarded goals, failed attempts to pursue my passion. i don't want to repeat this cycle in my life, and the long, long quiet on this blog has been because i've been working very hard to change.

over the past 2 years i've been rapid cycling through some pretty intense things. the highs were ecstasy, and the lows were violently dark. since july of last year i've been fighting to break out of the pattern and since january i've started to find some consistency. i'm happy and productive, and ready to tap into my spirituality, which I find through images that i create.

i'm starting over in my work with next to nothing but at least i'm starting. i'm excited, i'm afraid, and i'm grateful.

it's time to introduce heather lorraine photography v2.0, fresh, clean, and ready to begin again.