In the depths

"in the depths of winter I found within me an invincible summer"

I drew this picture for a friend while I was sitting in yet another treatment center, gathering the shards of sanity I had left and trying to find answers. This quote says it all for me.

I am no longer powerless or helpless. When I struggle I ask myself this: are you going to sit in the problem or get into the solution?

We can complain, about winter so to speak, and let our focus be entirely on the problem, of we can do something about it. I ask myself "what can you do about it right now, today?" And then I do that thing. Everything else I out of my hands. Doing that thing, although it doesn't immediately resolve things typically, is what gives me the strength to endure challenges.

Getting into the solution is empowering and productive. I no longer am a prisoner to self pity, shame, or fear. If I do nothing, at least I am aware that I'm making the choice to be in the problem. Having a choice is new, I honestly didn't know I had one for a long time.

In the depths, I find invincibility.