Pipe dreams

There is so much chaos in the world. I have been following the news for a while and have had so many thoughts. I read the debates in the comments although I haven't gotten involved for a while. I feel enraged at the injustice and stupidity each headline represents.

Madness in the world is a slow death.

Disturbing human beings with violence and control multiplies the social fires that every politician promises and then fails to extinguish.

 Foreign policies and chronic domestic neglect for the past several republican AND democratic presidents administrations leave little doubt that the people who have the power to enact change, peace and freedom are not interested in prioritizing humanity. What is the pay off for those at the top? What about the agendas they are committed to carry out because they have been bought out? Money. Power. Control. Domination. When that is the goal and motivation, communities suffer. The nation suffers. The world suffers.

This is the story of our species and it's not new. Is there a solution? Are peace or civility possible? Are acceptance and love pipe dreams or can they be culture?